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    02/03/2020  · 6. I Got 99 Problems & You’re Going To Show Your Work On All Of Them. This funny math mug is great for the nerdy math teacher who loves algebra, geometry and calculus and making corny jokes like "I got 99 problems and you’re going to show your work on all of them." This teacher mug is perfect for fans of teacher gifts, math jokes, teacher jokes.

    Aug 8, 2018 – Explore toreyjohnson400’s board "i got 99 problems but nerds ain’t one of them" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nerd girl problems, Nerd problems, Nerd girl.

    Due to Internet Spaceships (aka, Spreadsheets in Space), whenever I hear the “I got 99 problems” line, I always think of a station that we had in a solar system whose name started with “9-9.” The alliance that I flew under had a naming standard of the first 3 characters or so of the station name matched the system name to cut down on confusion and help you confirm that you knew where.