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UPDATE 2016: NOW WITH LYRICS! Just put the subtitles option. A fanmade music video of the tune "Streets of Gold" by Ruth Pointer (member of the Pointer.

The sun will, with any luck, have his proverbial hat on once again this weekend. And with our daily strolls now unfettered.

Movies have the power to inspire and transport—to spirit you away on a European grand tour, to hills that still seem alive.

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and "Streets of Gold" while jumping around on top of couches, pretending I was Dodger and.

It is unusual, granted, but then it's a weird twist on Oliver Twist.

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Oliver & Company OST - 03 - Streets of GoldHet verhaal is losjes gebaseerd op het verhaal Oliver Twist van Charles.

Sing- along song 'Gouden straten' ('Streets of gold') nog een liedje uit de film, ook nu.

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