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InstaDEX allows communities from blockchains to perform atomic swaps on a truly decentralized cross-blockchain platform. Instadex is a gateway connecting blockchains, markets, & communities

Block Reward: 3 INDEX

30% Stake / 70% Masternode

Masternode Collateral: 10000 INDEX

Block Time: 60 Seconds

3rd Quarter 2018
  • Mainnet Launched
  • Wallets Released
  • Wallet DEX Activated
  • Atomic Swaps Successful
  • Start Promotion
3rd Quarter 2018
  • Wallet DEX Setup Guide
  • List 1st Coins to DEX
  • First Exchanges
  • Android Mobile Wallet
  • Web Wallet Staking
3rd Quarter 2018
  • Extend Core Team
  • More Exchanges
  • Web DEX Platform Development
  • Apple iOS Mobile Wallet
  • Masternode Tiers Beta Testing
4th Quarter 2018
  • Web DEX Platform Beta Testing
  • Recruit team for Web DEX Exchange
  • Implement ETH & ERC20 Support
  • Release 2nd Masternode Tier
  • Release Pre ANN for Web DEX exchange
4th Quarter 2018
  • Release Web DEX Platform Alpha Version
  • Implement InstaDEX coin Exchange Fee option
  • Add top 50 Market Cap Coins to Exchange
  • KYC Requirement to raise Trade Limits