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16 Mar 2018.

Damn Daniel. Pop Trigger. Loading.

Then And Now Pics Of Famous Memes And What They Look Like Today – Duration: 10:46. BE AMAZED.

Damn Daniel is a 2016 viral video. Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz, who as students at Riverside.

The meme was also turned into a house song by Australian electronic comedy duo Bombs Away, adding to its popularity. Lara was also featured.

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Damn, Daniel24 Feb 2016.

Daniel and Josh are two high-school students who became viral stars on Snapchat in a matter of days, and now they're on Ellen!

Damn Daniel” is a catchphrase that stems from a Twitter video montage featuring a voiceover of a teenager complimenting his friend Daniel on his fashionable.

However, people come and go, but these 13 heroes from the viral memes of the past will be immortalised forever on the.